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With Property Holders’  in-house team and software, you can quickly locate and assess rental properties to purchase as a short-term rental investment.

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What makes Property Holders a great choice?

  • Proprietary technology uses data to pinpoint the best deals
  • Extensive experience, having assisted customers in purchasing over $30M in real estate last year
  • Tailored approach to help you achieve your individual goals
  • Expert agents specializing in real estate investing
  • Full service including introductions to top property managers with management and furnishing expertise

No Hidden Fees

Property Holders offers more than just a typical real estate brokerage service for vacation rental investors, and they don’t charge any additional fees for their services. Property Holders generates revenue similar to that of a standard buy-side real estate brokerage, by earning a commission on the sale of the property.

How It Works

Talk With us

Meet your licensed agent by scheduling a call with your Property Holders representative. We will collaborate with you in every step of the way, from establishing financial goals to rental property setup and can provide guidance on rental property ownership.

Discover Properties

Discover and select properties by browsing through the curated selection on the Property Holders feed, handpicked listings sent to you by your representative, or by conducting your own search on their website. Each property listing on Property Holders includes an image of its investment returns.

Choose Your Property

Contact your agent by sending them a message if you have any questions or are interested in a particular property. We can assist you in reviewing the financials to confirm that the property is a good match for your investment goals and can also help you submit a competitive offer.

Start Hosting

Property Holders can provide assistance in selecting the ideal property for your needs, and we can manage the property for you as well.

Invest Confidently

Schedule a call with Property Holders to discover more about our rental purchasing service and property consulting on short term rental management.

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Property Holders typically operates a vacation rental property management program where they manage various tasks such as advertising, guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance on behalf of property owners. In exchange for these services, property owners pay Property Holders a management fee or a percentage of the rental income. Property Holders may also offer additional services such as professional photography, dynamic pricing, and round-the-clock support to enhance the rental experience for both property owners and guests.

Whether or not to hire a property manager for your Airbnb largely depends on your personal circumstances and needs as a host. If you have the time, resources, and expertise to manage your Airbnb property effectively and efficiently, you may not need a property manager. However, if you have multiple properties, live far from your rental property, or lack the necessary knowledge to manage your rental, hiring a property manager may be a good idea. A property manager can take care of various tasks such as guest communication, housekeeping, and maintenance, and help you maximize your rental income while minimizing your workload and stress as a host. Schedule a call with us to see what services we can offer you and your properties.

Typically, the design phase of furnishing can begin after the property has been purchased. The first delivery of furniture usually takes place within one to two weeks of the closing date.

On average, the entire furnishing process can take anywhere from four to six weeks, although the actual length of time may vary depending on factors such as the size of the property, the quantity of furniture that needs to be installed, and any additional amenities that must be added.

The cost of vacation rental property management can vary depending on the company you choose and the services you require. Typically, vacation rental property management companies charge a percentage of the rental income or a flat monthly fee. The percentage of rental income can range from 15% to 30% depending on the company and the services provided. Some companies may also charge additional fees for services such as cleaning, maintenance, and marketing. 

At Property Holders, we offer a trial period at a set fee, and then charge a percentage afterwards.

If you’re looking to sell your rental property, Property Holders may be able to assist you. Property Holders provides a real estate brokerage service that can help property owners sell their rental properties. Their team of licensed real estate agents can offer services such as a market analysis, property listing, and marketing to assist in the selling process.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you do decide to sell your property, you’ll no longer receive rental income from it. However, if you’re ready to sell and move on to other ventures, Property Holders can help guide you through the process. To learn more about their real estate brokerage service, you can reach out to Property Holders directly.

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